benchtop drill press VS floor drill press?

Many in the woodwork community will tell you that to get serious work done you need a floor drill press. In my opinion, this isn't true, I've built all sorts of things using my basic gear including my simple skil benchtop drill. Some of the things I've built using my powertools: cabinets, shelves, bike racks, you name it - my drill press can do it easily. And it has a maximum swing capacity of only 8 inches. Although often you get purchase models which have a swing of up to 14 or more inches, it's not needed unless you need to work on extremely large objects. For your average handy man 14" swing is way overkill, I think 8 - 10" is a pretty good middle ground between still being portable and being big enough.

If you count yourself among the few people who think you must use a floor drill press I would like to know why. For instance the wen 4208 does everything you need it to and more. One other important thing that makes me think a benchtop drill press is a better option for most people is price. Generally speaking, they're much cheaper than floor dp, by a factor of up to 10 times.

However it should be mentioned that there are those of us who would like to work on massive work-pieces. If you're someone who needs more power from your machine for a big work-piece then there's a good chance that you might actually prefer the floor model despite the additional cost. But remember once you bolt it down onto the floor in your garage workshop, it's not easy to pick up and take around with you, they're a lot more heavy.

In conclusion: Both of these tools are a fantastic addition to your shed/garage/workshop. The factors that decide which type you should go for are mostly height and seize requirements. Also how serious you are: amateur or professional? Either way, before you decide on one you should be sure to thoroughly analyze the reviews for the drill press. Another useful trick is to measure up the space in your garage where you'll put it before you buy. That way you know what dimensions you can accommodate. Be sure to get a drill that comes with a long lasting (preferably lifetime) warranty as well. Happy wood working!